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Live One Wants to Change the Saskatoon Music Scene and be Exclusively Live!



By Ezekiel McAdams

July 13 2017

Saskatoon Live One Logo

   Live One is a band that doesn't have an album or EP, they're live and that's what they're the most proud of.


   The band has been around through various iterations when lead singer Dakota Phillips and Taihre Lafond (drums) started jamming with past members of their band. The lineup of the two is relatively new after losing one of their members early this year but that does not seem to deter them at all, embracing their new sound. "We're really experimenting with rock n' roll, well you heard it? It's original, you know what I mean? Be Chameleons when it comes to music, blend into everything." Lafond said. "Each song we like to add different elements. Like one song will be rock, hip hop, RNB  kind of style and then Jazz." Phillips added.


   The duo is heavily influenced by Japanese and Korean music, heavily inspired by 10k Rock, Day 6, Big Bang and CN Blue. "I've been listening to Japanese music since I was fourteen years old, found of couple of bands, a lot of them metal bands and they we got in the indie pop and we felt we really fit. I think it really explains ourselves and we're diverse people." Phillips explained.


  Lafond explained that since he plays multiple instruments, the drum and a BeatPad (an electronic drum), that other bands are taking notice but that they're still hard to classify in particular genre. "People ask me what do we sound like? I try to explain what Japanese band sounds like but since we have a synthesizer going I just say we're a harder version of Lights"  Phillips said


  The band originally had four recorded songs they planned to use on upcoming EP but since the bands member left, they don't want to use it and would prefer now to be that band that you need to see live, and use that as their hook. "We're called Live One, we play live. so come check us out. See what we're all about." Lafond said. "Yeah, the  band is short for Live Intentionally, Value Everyone." Phillips added.


  Going forward, the duo just wanted to grow and get better and more polished as well as adding more gigs and experience to their repertoire. '"Just keep doing  bigger stages. This is a big step but like TCU or Ness Creek." Lafond  said "We were talking about this the other day, where friends and family we're saying, you're doing so good, well we want to do better. We want to tour the world." Phillips exclaimed.

You can find Live One on their Facebook page as well as Instagram @LiveOneOfficial.


"Our main goal together to bring a different sound of music that Saskatoon has never heard before, that's what we want for us and everybody out there. Be that high energy band!"

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