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Killjoy's First EP Is An Angst Riddled Pop Punk Letter


By Ezekiel McAdams



Oct 19 2017

Killjoy EP Cover

   Saskatoon local band, Killjoy has just released their first self titled EP. A raw, four track experience sharp with angst and dripping in love, ensconced in a love letter to the genre that has inspired them, pop punk.


  The last year has been tumultuous for the new band, with members coming and going but they are now feeling more grounded with new, permanent members, Davey Desjarlais on guitar, Mich Webb  on bass and  Darcy Deschambault on drums. The trio join Melissa Kathleen and Christine Gedison.  "We thought we're already on the same page, we have these songs  ready to go, let's not waste any more time, let's not bring anyone in." Kathleen mused. " At the point we were done, 'sorry guys' I was so frustrated with bringing people in that didn't care or made drama and I hated it. Us three we're good and get fill ins when we need, we strung Mitch a long a bit, we were a little jaded but eventually we decided to just go with it." Gedison added.


  The band is very grateful for the small success they've had this with playing at Taste of Saskatchewan this past summer and already having a blooming fan base. "We have this one girl in town, I won't say she's a big fan, but she's into us and after One By One came out and she was so thankful, this is the next punk anthem and I listen to this every day and it helps me get through the day." Kathleen said.


  Releasing the EP is a very proud and cathartic  moment for Kathleen and Gedison who have worked on the songs from the last year, throwing in influences from  Goldfinger, Bad Religion and Anti Flag and residual high school angst which then in culminated into as Kathleen jokes, a "Killjoy song" "In high school we both hated it. It's all about prove you wrong to the people that were mean to you and said you weren't going anywhere."  Gedison remarked.


  While they have four additional songs still being perfected, it was the magic quartet of "Ex Oh", "Therapy", "Kismet" and "One By One" they were the most happy with. "We wrote this a long time ago, our first original that we wrote together. It 's a love song which is a little different for us." Kathleen said. "We were playing around with a different things but we just wanted to get it done."I just want to say, we have four songs that's what the EP means" Desjarlais joked.


  The EP is a strong start for the relatively new band, with "Ex Oh"  and "One By One"  angsty pop punk anthems that crackle with raw heart and passion, while "Therapy" is reflective of the pain, with its moody vocals and sound  providing closure and "Kismet" is the real departure, a slow, pop love ballad that reflects hope and new beginnings. These four songs are memorable start for a band that can only grow with an already strong raw sound and infectious stage presence.

 To celebrate their EP, the band is also having their first EP Release party at The Underground Cafe on October 21 " This is the first one where this is ours! I hope we get noticed" Gedison said "It just opens the door for more opportunities, getting our music out there. There's a lot of people that know us, but there's a lot of people who don't." Kathleen added.


"I want people waiting for the next song and wanting to interact with us more online." Gedison said. "I'm so passionate about music, I love connecting with the song and connect with ours" Kathleen added.

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