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Watch Out Decemberists, There's a New Folk Band From Indiana Ready to Rock!


By Ezekiel McAdams

May 4 2017









   Fresh off their debut album, Regarding: Entropy, Autumn Androids, are ready to secure their place in music history and take on the world, starting with their home state of Indiana.


   Relatively new, the quartet, formed a year ago, came together after Alec Ward (bass), started playing with the trio (Ricky White, Austin Wooten and Chris Woods) who were then calling themselves Good News/Bad Wolf. The base player kindly told them the name sucked and they should get a new one. Ward started playing with the band shortly after and it gave birth to Autumn Androids. The band are a big fan of androids and they felt their style, self described as "folk fuzz" or "electronic folk music" signified with Autumn,  meshed well with the image they were projecting. "People seem to like it. The only thing that people seem to say, and this is for grammatical nerds, is that it should be Autumnal Androids, but, tomato, tomato" White jokes.


   The band's style grew as well, "It morphed into something new" Ward commented. White's lyrics became more mature as he fine turned emotions and grief over losing both parents into his art which opened old wounds while healing as well.


   The band commented how growing up in their state of Indiana also reflects in their music. "Indiana is very boring, like there's things to do but it's very just plain and there. I think that influences our music, as much as we  love our families, if anyone of us we could leave Indiana we would take that." Woods said "I think trading music together is our medicine for the mundane." White chimed in with a laugh. "There's a great music following here, which is weird but the mundane influences a lot of people here" Wooten said.


    Regarding: Entropy is a kaleidoscope and cavalcade of music with soulful raw lyrics that deals with familial images and upbringing. Songs like "Morgan County Misery", showcase the band as a tight multi armed instrument with White's piercing vocals emoting emotion and heart. The album flows from one song to the next telling a story that weaves between sadness, reflection and going forward. "Lonely Summer", "8th Grade Math", and "Old Bones" are particularly haunting while "Tried My Best" is an explosive rock ballad that oozes pain. This is a strong debut for a band that is really cutting their teeth on their potential. White, Wooten, Woods and Ward make each other better which makes them a powerful cohesive unit.

    "If you're going to listen to it, it's kind of an experience. Sometimes, a full song can be a couple mini-songs. If you're going to listen to the album, if there's a specific part that you don't necessary gel with, don't skip the whole song but skip around because the songs change around." Woods remarked. 

"I also don't like write from own my perspective. I  kind of makeup characters and write from their perspective but it's a roundabout way of getting my emotions out. Like, I'll tell these guys,  i wrote this song and it's kind of like this and bam, bam, bam but it's really about this guy and this hair and they're like oh, ok, Ricky..." White laughs.


    The band's jubilance and glee about their debut album was on full force. "Funny story, when the album comes out, this weekend, will be the one year anniversary of our first practice." Ward said.


Autumn Androids debut, Regarding: Entropy can be bought at their Bandcamp page and for touring and show dates check their Facebook page Other Autumn Androids music can be found on their Soundcloud page



"I think if people take one thing away from Autumn Androids, or this album is we're home grown and don't sound like a whole lot of things out there."  White said.

UPDATE: As of June 30th 2017, the album can also be purchased from iTunes as well.

Autumn Androids Band
Autumn Androids Regarding: Entropy EP
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