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The Wolfe is Ready to Pounce on The Canadian Music Scene


By Ezekiel McAdams



Jan 18 2018

The Wolfe Band
The Wolfe Tip of my Tongue EP

  Prince Albert band, The Wolfe has had an incredible last few years. They released their first self titled EP in 2016, made the top four of the CBC Searchlight contest, won the Toronto Independent Music Award for "Best out of Province" and had their first tour all in the last year.


  While they have achieved early success, the band has been working for this moment, most of their lives. The band was formed, at the age of twelve when friends, Siobhan Bayda, Gabrielle Giroux and Tesa Thompson met in French class. They would discuss music, which eventually led them to create as Bayda would refer to as a fake band" where for a year they would have sleepovers, and self taught themselves to sing.


  This idea and interest became fully realized when they approached Lucy James of Jam Street Music Sessions. James, a musician in her own right, a member of A Mighty Voice was enthusiastic of the girls ambition and agreed to mentor them and become their manager as well. "It's kind of like fulfilling my own dream too. I had this bright idea that I could achieve and create a band and encourage them to continue and succeed." James said


  While the trio now had an idea and a manager, they still needed to learn how to play instruments, which James was beneficial in. "I think we all had an idea what we wanted to do. We just kind of fell into it. I've always wanted to play the drums, and I was like 'Gabby I want to play the drums and she said what about the guitar?' Well, there we go, we've got a band." Thompson recalled. Bayda ended up doing vocals and bass, Giroux on guitars and vocals and Thompson on drums.


  They cycled through many names before deciding on the current one, "When we  started the band, we were so incredibly young, we went through a evolution, but we won't say which names" Thompson said with Bayda and Giroux laughing in the background.  When they decided on their final moniker, they found it a relatively easy part of the process. "We were driving to the recorder for a single and we were talking about band names. It's a name that got meaning after we picked it. This woman came up to us and said in her culture, a wolf, was a strong independent woman. It fit with our band quite a bit. The e at the end, in French, when you add an e to end of a word, it makes it feminine, so we're an all girl group, so we thought it fit nicely. Bayda said.


  After recording an early demo "The Sea and Me", in 2014, the band started working on their self titled EP, which was released in 2016, which the band credits their adolescent and teenage years as the source of the inspiration. "We started writing when we were thirteen, so thirteen to sixteen, it's a lot of changes in those years" Bayda recalled "I think we just kinda wrote and whatever happened, happened, we didn't have an end goal, it was a matter of us evolving and making it happen" Groux added.


  Always wanting to move on to the next step, the band submitted their single "Dumb Dog" into the CBC Music Searchlight 2017 contest and made it into the top four. It was this event that signaled their desire to do their first tour, which they felt could help advertise the band. The tour spawned seventeen dates across Canada last summer. "I still remember the phone call, Gabby called all of us and said 'we got in the top four, we're going to Toronto!' Tessa was freaking out and I was like super calm." Bayda said "It was kinda like a dream and I was on the call, by myself and they were like 'Yeah, you're talking to a boardroom of twenty-five people. It's a validation of  all the hard work we've put in and people were starting to notice." Giroux added.


  The band also has big plans for the upcoming year, a second, untitled, EP is scheduled to drop Spring 2018. While they are hesitant to talk about it, they have released a single, "Tip of our Tongue" "The new single is about growing up, it's about embracing who you're becoming and being comfortable in who you are" Gilroux said.  


  They are also planning on mounting a second tour with hopes of eventually going to Europe and the States as they continue touring across Canada. "Our first tour we did all ourselves, we booked it ourselves, so I think this time we know what to expect and how to plan it better." Gilroux said "I think we're going East this time" Thompson added.


  The Wolfe can be found at their official site,, for more information and tour dates, as well as on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and you purchase their music on iTunes.


"Since twelve, we've been in a band. We don't really know what it's like to be in a band. It's become such a part of our identity and who we are. Our confidence, how we are as a whole has really shaped us" Bayda said.

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