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Killjoy is the Pop Punk Sandwich Dripping With Heart We've Been Waiting For



By Ezekiel McAdams



July 15 2017

Killjoy Band 2017

  Saskatoon's Killjoy, a pop punk, female fronted band is ready to rock and show the world that not just men can set the music scene on fire.


  The band has been around for a year, it has had several iterations with band members coming and going. Christine Gedison (Lead vocals) and Melissa Kathleen (Lead vocals) are the founding members of the band. This latest lineup of Christine Gedison (lead vocals), Adding Kenzie Darling (Guitar) seems to have been the magic touch. Darling and Davey Desjarlais (Lead guitarist) are new recruits. Darling joining in April-May. Kathleen who was previously in another female fronted pop punk band, Jezebel. "She (Gedison) had an add on Kijijji and I answered it, and her and I started playing together and doing acoustic covers." Kathleen said.


  While they have mostly played covers, the band is excited for the exposure at Taste of Saskatchewan, and a new single "Therapy” as well as previous original "Ex Oh" that will be part of an EP they hope to release later this summer.


  While they have played many open mic nights as well as the recent Sidewalk Sale in Moose Jaw, performing as part of the Taste Of Saskatchewan Festival is a big opportunity and they hope it will open many doors. "The dream is touring. Most bands, I think, get into it because they want to get signed and make albums, but music, good music is important." Kathleen empathized. "And to get that demo out!" Gedison added.


  For the band, the most important thing is the love and passion of music and possibly being role models to young girls interested in music. "I just personally do it because I love music and I don't think there's enough women in music. It's empowering, to not just me but other women who want to be in music because I think it's so male dominated." Kathleen said. "If someone see's a female rocking out they're going to go I can do that too so it's not males all the time." Darling added.


  From their Taste Of Saskatchewan performance, Killjoy made an immediate impression. They have such raw talent and passion that shines through from their banter with the audience but the camaraderie they obviously share with one another. Darling commanded the stage just by head banging while playing the guitar, while Gedison and Kathleen infused their covers of Green Day, Blink 182 and Simple Plan with an infectious amount of passion and charm that radiated off the stage and made the songs their own.


  Killjoy is a band to watch out for and have a lot of potential to not just put a dent in the crowded Saskatoon music scene but the world as well.


  You can follow Killjoy on their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram @killjoy_saskatoon

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