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John Carter: The End #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


May 13 2017

John Carter: The End #1 Cover

  So, I must preface this review by saying I don’t really know anything about John Carter. Not the character or the franchise. I only watched the 2012 movie, because it featured Mars. And honestly, I only picked up the comic because it featured Mars.


  John Carter: The End comes from Dynamite Comics and is written by Alex Cox and Brian Wood with art by Hayden Sherman.


  I almost feel like I can’t properly review this because for someone who knows nothing of John Carter or the mythology, I didn’t really learn anything.


  I think this would be great as a graphic novel if you could binge the whole thing at once or if you had some history with the character.


  That being said, confusion aside, I enjoyed Cox and Wood’s story. It definitely has my intrigue.


  I really liked the art by Sherman. Vibrant but muted color palettes with the detail being simple yet stylized at the same time made it visually appealing.


  I might read another, just to see more Mars. Yes, I’m aware I have an obsession.

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