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Quantum Teens Are Go #3 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


April 26 2017

Quantum Teens Are Go #3 Covr

  Vissagio delivers a punch! This issue sets up the stakes for the rest of the arc. Honestly, this is probably my fav issue so far in the series. Vissagio gives Sumesh and Nat so much heart  and her prose and dialogue at times felt like a Millennial Sci-Fi Wes Anderson or Coen Bros movie.


  Vissagio continues the world building, introduced a new character and what’s great is because of the build up and character development in the first two issues, this one could be a seam train to the finish line.


  The art by Donovan continues to impress. The world and characters are hyper stylized but also realistic which gives it a very unique look. The colors drift being flashy and muted tones.


  Quantum Teens continues to be one of the best series of 2017. For those holding out for the graphic novel, you’re in for a treat because this will be like binging that series on Netflix.


  But if you have the financial means to do, please pick up this comic each month. It won’t disappoint and will also help indie writers and artists.

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