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Ghostbusters 101 #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


March 22 2017


  I will be the first to admit, that I was one of the dissenters to the Ghostbusters movie last year. Not because I had a problem with the cast, in fact, that was the best part, that they assembled all these, amazing, talented and funny women at the top of their game.  My issue, was how they approached the material and instead of expanding the universe, decide to do a reboot instead.


  See, the great thing about Ghostbusters, is that anybody can be a Ghostbusters.


  So, when this series was announced by IDW, I was optimistic and excited at the potential.


  I must also admit before this review goes any further, that I have not watched Extreme Ghostbusters or followed any of the comics.


  Writer Erik Burnham, is able to capture the spirit of the franchise from both ends of the spectrum from Ghostbusters, Real Ghostbusters to Extreme Ghostbusters.


  Burnham was able to capture the characters. Their idioms, personality and even dialogue but also throw in characters like Kylie Griffin (Extreme Ghostbusters) and without any prior knowledge of that world make the characters and story flow organically like Vigo’s mood slime.


  Now, this brings me to the characters from Answer The Call, what people need to understand is there are never bad characters, only bad writers. Any great writer can make a character sparkle and add nuance.


  To all the fans out there that are decrying the ATC Universe, look, I’m the biggest Ghostbuster fan around, this franchise means more to me then I could ever properly articulate, the problem was never the characters, or the actors the problem was mishandling the franchise and not  respecting the source material or the fans.


  This is my first foray into ANY Ghostbuster comic, you know why I’m picking it up? Because I’m curious to see what they will do with the characters.


  Burnham was able to take the four Ghostbusters from the ATC Universe and in five short pages, make them interesting and define their core characteristics.


  The art by Dan Schoeing is simple and effective with detailed characters and action restrained with muted colors and pallet.


  I’m excited to see where this mini-series goes. Burnham has my curiosity. 

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