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Pop Up Rescue Project Volunteer Appreciation Night to give thanks to the overwhelming support


By Ezekiel McAdams


March 12 2024

Pop Up Rescue Project Fundraiser Poster.jpg

The Pop Up Rescue Project in Martensville is having a volunteer appreciation event tonight, March 12, The project began January 31.        

After hearing of dogs that were being culled to be put down in the northern community of La Loche, Kristine O’Brien, owner of Paws Republic Centre for Pets, took it upon herself with help and support from various pet rescue organizations, From the Streetz Rescue Foundation in Calgary as well as Running Wild Rescue in Moose Jaw.


O’Brien brought a hundred and fifty dogs to Martensville and rented a nearby property to house the animals with the commitment to rehome them. There was a second group of dogs that were brought in as well as babies born after arriving. "So first day we brought a hundred and one, then three, then five, then thirty five, then two.  Twenty were born here and six puppies are expected to be born any day. Eleven passed away with dignity from a variety of medical reasons. Three others went straight to foster home." O'Brien said.

Pop Up Rescue Project Kennels.jpg

As of last Tuesday, March 5th, the remaining animals that survived have all been rehomed. O’Brien said that a hundred and eighty one now O’Brien must start the next phase which is to fundraise to offset the expenses accumulated.


O’Brien would also like to keep the momentum going, and continue in some form, but right now is taking one step at a time and wants the expenses paid off first.

Pop Up Rescue Project Staff Group Shot.jpg
Pop Up Rescue Project Volunteer Group Shot.jpg

The event is at the Canalta Hotel in Martensville. It goes from 6-8pm. O’Brien is hoping it to be a potluck event in the spirit of all the generosity and support she has received from the community and numerous volunteers. Coffee and water will be provided.  She also encourages everyone to RVSP to the Facebook event below.


“Tonight is about getting together and sharing the success. Sharing stories, building bonds, being around like minded people and updating them on how their efforts help save lives.” O’Brien said.

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