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Grounded Review

By Ezekiel McAdams

Sept 22 2017

Grouded Live Fve Poster

   Live Five's first production of the season Grounded, is a performance that is a captivating must see experience.


  Grounded, written by George Brant, comes from the newly mounted ad hoc company, Pegasus Productions. It stars Kate Herriot as an unnamed fighter Pilot and is directed by Gordon Portman, with set design by S.E. Grummett and Bryon Hnatuk and stage managed by Emma Thorpe.


  The play tells the story of a Fighter Pilot, who after becoming a mother is then transferred to running military drones from a trailer which gives her an identity crisis.


  Herriot is superb and commands your attention during the play which runs interrupted without an intermission. Herriot runs the emotional gamut, alternating between vulnerability, fierce stoicness and unwavering resilience while also making the character emphatic and funny seamlessly.


  It can be a challenge to both the actor and audience in one performer productions, and  the ability that Herriot has to draw you in, to make you believe you're having a cup of coffee with her and that you're actually in that world is a strength to her as a performer. She has a commanding presence combined with an emotional welcoming core.


  The set design is extraordinary and minimal, a platform allows Herriot to be front and center, almost as a comedian or a presenter during an award show. The audience feels as invited guests. Hnatuk does a phenomenal job with the projection mapping technique that shows images and videos related to The Pilot's story and experiences that helps set the mood and is a visual backdrop that doesn't detract from Herriot's performances but amplifies it.


  Portman's direction shouldn't go unnoticed as he is able to create a mood of emotional tension as well as vulnerability that the audience experiences. The audience is not flies on a wall but rats in a cage for the entire run, Portman is able to make the audience feel what the character's emotions which is no small feat.


  Grounded is must see theatre. Herriot's performance is award worthy and captivating and profound that it will linger with you, if you love theatre, you owe it yourself to check out this marvelous production that is as thought provoking as it is emotionally explosive.


  Grounded is at the Refinery from Sept 21 (Preview) to Sept 22- Oct 1. Tickets and show times can be found at the box office or       

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