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Michelle moves back to Sun Valley, Arizona in 2009. She decides to reopen an abandoned roadhouse, Tully’s Roadhouse. Michelle fondly remembers going there as a child with her dad, whom had recently passed.

Michelle keeps hearing the payphone ring, she hears disembodied voices and screaming noises.

Michelle meets Brett, a local electrician who she hires rewire the roadhouse. They reminisce about their favourite burgers. He preferred the Tully Burger while he likes the Ortega Burger

He bought it on 160, the man said its had a lot of names over the years.

On Day 14, Michelle thinks she sees blood in her drink.  The phone rings again and utters a plea of “help us”

Brett offers to stay over to comfort Michelle which she obliges.

Michelle notices a group of robbers in the mirror, she cowers and when she gets the nerve to look up, the robbers have vanished. Michelle is puzzled because the deadbolt to the main door is still locked.

Michelle experiences another vision, four dead men face down on the bar.

Walter explains that in 1959, a group of robbers entered the roadhouse

Michelle said that that while searching for answers she found out about psychometry, a theory that if touch something, you can experience events related to it.

Michelle and Brett married two years later. They still own “The Roadhouse. It said

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Shaun recounts that as a child he grew up in a house and up until eight years old, he believed a lady lived in one of the rooms, until his parents told him she was in fact a ghost. Ever since he has tried to understand and explain the paranormal.

Shaun is interviewing the current owner of the Dybbuk Box, they decide to use a psydenoum, Alex for the owner.

Shaun’s wife, Stacy, suddenly has a nosebleed, while Shaun is interviewing the box owner.

“Alex” begins to describe his occupation and history with the box. He’s a director of a medical museum at a University. One of his students bought the box off the internet and suddenly began experiencing strange phenomena such as hair loss, seeing shadow beings. Alex agreed to only appear on the podcast if Shaun doesn’t touch the box.

Stacy frantically runs to Shaun imploring there is an entity in their baby’s room. Shaun shirks off his wife’s experience thinking she just saw a shadow from the mobile spinning on the wall.

Alex refuses to continue with Shaun’s podcast and takes the dybbuk box and leaves.

One night Shaun and Stacy are awakened by a loud noise. He goes outside to investigate and discovers that their house is the only without power. He goes downstairs to turn on the fusebox and hears noises and sees shadows while turning on the box.

Stacy recounts a dream, where she is cradling the dybbk box, Shaun encounters her sleepwalking and is alarmed she’s standing by the foot of the stairs. He catches her before she falls. Stacy felt it was a premonition.

The next day Shaun phoned Alex and told him she mumbled something in Hebrew. Shaun is shocked, his wife doesn’t know Hebrew and says “it’s like speaking in tongues”, which Alex replies “it is speaking in tongues”

At this point, Shaun finally takes Alex’s prior warning seriously and they get a Rabbi to perform a ritual on the box.

Shaun and Stacy have two children and he continues his pod “Shadow Nation”  A man bought the Dybbux Box in 2017 and is planning to display it in Las Vegas.

Shaun Burris and Nathan Schoonover host The Shadow Nation podcast (formerly known as Ghost Boy and Demon Hunter). Haxton appeared on two episodes Sept 9 2014. It starts at 58:23. And November 3 2016. The podcast is over or on hiatus, not posting a new episode since April 18 2021.

Another alternative is the events Shaun recounted did not not align with Haxton’s version of events and did not want to be associated with the segment on “Evil Things”

Shadow Nations interviews Jason Haxom with the Dybbuk Box and mysterious things happen

It is unclear why Jason Haxon went by the psydenoum “Alex” as he has appeared on paranormal docuseries such as Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures and heavily promototed the film. Maybe their was legal reasons why Haxon didn’t give permission.

Zak Bagans bought the box from Haxton and does display it at his paranormal musueum.

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