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Aquaman (2016) #2 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams

July 6 2016

Aquaman (2016) #2 Cover

  Dan Abnett’s, second issue, continues the story arc further while having lots of action dominate the pages. Having the battle between Black Manta and Aquaman dominate the issue was an interesting choice. The issue was certainly action packed, but, in my opinion, we needed more Mera. We always need more Mera.


  With the end of the issue, we have a new threat introduced, and consequences for Aquaman and Atlantis. While I was just as excited about this issue as the last two, the story and characters engaged me, specifically, clearly, the character of Joanna Stubbs will have a role to play in Aquaman’s inner circle.


  Again, the artist changes, this time to Scott Eaton. Unlike the seamless transition from Oscar Jimenez to Brad Walker, Eaton’s style was a little different. Eaton’s art style was more realistic while less colorful art pop as Jimenez and Walker’s were. It was ok, but I think I prefer the  previous art style. The battle sequences by Eaton however were incredible, detailed with a little flash. Not sure why we have had three artists change? Is this a common theme in Abnett’s run or something going on behind the scenes?


  This was a good issue, it was more setup for whatever Abnett’s arc will be and while it set up the chess pieces, it was still engaging . More Mera please, though!

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