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Green Arrow (2016) #2 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


July 6 2016

Green Arrow (2016) #2 Cover

  After the events of last issue, Benjamin Percy, takes Green Arrow down a darker path. Not sure how I feel about it yet. The story was good but we didn’t get a lot of Ollie and I’m one of the sticklers that don’t enjoy the addition of John Diggle, into the DC Comics Universe.


  Percy continues to  make Black Canary interesting. I like how so far, she's not yet not smitten with Ollie. I’m curious if we learn more about her and her separate adventures from Green Arrow.


  I’m going to try to give this storyline some time to breathe because clearly, Percy, has a plan, and I’ve loved what he’s done so far.


  The art by Otto Schmidt continues to impress. This issue was full on bleak and dark palettes showing the grittiness and despair currently going on.


  I didn’t love this issue as much as the last two but Percy now has my trust, so, I’ll go on this journey a little longer.  

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