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Aquaman (2016) #1 Review



By Ezekiel McAdams


June 22 2016

Aquaman 2016 #1 Cover

  If Aquaman Rebirth was the appetizer, this feels like the main course.


  From the first page, Dan Abnett’s writing is strong and the narrative is set. His dialogue is sharp, he introduces new characters Captain Sark and Lt. Joanna Stubbs of the Royal Navy organically. Stubbs has  good chemistry and seems interesting. Her conversation with Mera was the standout. Abnett  continues to do a great job highlighting Aquaman and Mera’s relationship. They both have clear goals on what they want to accomplish.


  In Aquaman Rebirth #1, Abnett’s job seemed to be a crash course in Aquaman 101, now that it's done, the story has room to breathe. The story immediately jumps to an unveiling at the Atlantean Embassy, as the surface world and ocean world, meet to bring forth Aquaman’s plans for peace and understanding between the two worlds. Of course, something goes awry as an old villain returns to settle the score.


  My fears for Mera’s future in this series, were put to rest in this issue. Abnett makes her strong, capable and a badass when she needs to be. She can be diplomatic when she needs to but also is ready to fight and protect Atlantis, as much as she loves Arthur's fondness for the surface world.  


  There was an artist change, so instead of continuing with Oscar Jimenez, Brad Walker steps in to replace him. Walker’s art is bright, engaging, continuing Jimenez’s style of feeling like you’re peering into another world. The characters come alive and feel real but stylized and the locales are beaming with intricat7e detail.


  Aquaman #1  continues with strong writer, characterization and breathtaking art. I didn’t know I could be more excited about Aquaman then I already am.

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