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Green Arrow (2016) #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


June 15 2016

Green Arrow 2016 #1 Cover

  Benjamin Percy continues the story from Green Arrow Rebirth #1 with the first issue of the new series.

  Percy’s dialogue and characterization shine as Ollie, Black Canary, and new character, Emi, feel like real people. Emi, in particular is introduced as a precocious teen that Ollie is mentoring. Ollie and Dinah’s relationship continues to feel natural. They’re working together as a team but intimately they’re trying to find their footing. I love how Percy writes both Green Arrow and Black Canary. Ollie quips and is snarky but still passionate while Canary keeps Arrow in check and doesn’t let him forget it.


  The story continues from Green Arrow Rebirth #1 with Ollie trying to figure out what the Underground Men’s plan is. The story is interesting and mysterious but a backdrop as Percy continues to do the heavy lifting on the characters.


  The art by Otto Schmidt continues to shine. It feels real, bleak but also hopeful when the characters and city come alive in the daytime.  Particularly, I like how Schmidt is drawing the Underground Men, they look like steampunk cave dwellers.


  This is a great first issue and delivered a great ending which I won’t spoil. Can’t wait for Issue #2 and thanks again for bringing Green Arrow back Mr. Percy!

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