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Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

By Ezekiel McAdams


June 2 2016

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Cover

  DC’s Rebirth launch continues with Green Arrow!


  Before we start, full disclosure, Green Arrow is one of my favourite superheroes of all time. I don’t know if I liked him because he was an archer, he wore green or that he was snarky, but ever since I was a kid, I was all aboard the Green Arrow train! It made it difficult because I was constantly made fun of, laughed at for liking “Green Robin Hood”, even when he debuted in Justice League Unlimited, friends shook their heads at my excitement, and made sure to tell me, “Green Arrow was not cool.”  


  As one can imagine, I was a little anxious about this release. The last Green Arrow I read, which was New 52, didn’t work, I felt they got Ollie all wrong and I after four trades, I gave up.


  Whether you like Green Arrow or know nothing about him, Green Arrow Rebirth #1  delivers the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, fans have known and loved and is a fantastic first issue of any comic.


  One of the reasons I was initially trepidatious was because, I was unfamiliar with writer Benjamin Percy’s previous work. Percy re-introduces us to a character and a world that feels lived in. Ollie feels like a real person, the relationship between Black Canary/Dinah Lance feels fun, the story is a little simple as Green Arrow and Black Canary join together to find out who the Underground Men are and why they are kidnapping people, but that doesn’t matter as Percy’s dialogue and characterization is strong and engaging. Green Arrow and Black Canary snipe back and forth but have mutual respect for each other.


  Green Arrow feels like Green Arrow! Thank you, Benjamin Percy. Not only I’m excited to find out what happens next, it feels like I’m revisiting old friends again.


  The art by Otto Schmidt is bleak but vibrant, coming alive when the characters and world are brightened. The characters have a realistic tone to them and the surroundings pop during action sequences.


  This is a very good, first issue of any comic series but as a reintroduction to Green Arrow, it excels!


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