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Real Science Adventures #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


April 26 2017

Real ScienceAdventures #1 Cover

  Real Science Adventures is a new series and spinoff of Atomic Robo from IDW Comics.


  Now, before we go any further, i would like to state that I have never read Atomic Robo, but I believe he goes to Mars at some point and that made me very excited.


  I will faithfully admit, that I picked this comic up because I saw a bad ass female pilot from WWII on the cover!


  So, this is a collection of stories from the world of Atomic Robo. The first story The Flying She Devils: Raid On Marauder Island: Part 1 and The Sparrow: Part 1 were both written by Brian Clevinger. The art however was split up; The Flying She Devils was drawn by Lo Baker, while The Sparrow was Wook Jin Clark.


  I enjoyed both stories from Clevinger. The Flying She Devils offered intrigue, a mysterious island, pirates and a team of bad ass female pilots, While The Sparrow was more restrained and nuanced but just as compelling. While reading The Sparrow’s story she could have easily had her own line of spy novels.


  The art is where I’m conflicted. Baker’s art for Flying She Devils was hyper stylized and cartoony and I didn’t like it as much whereas Clark’s turn in The Sparrow were rich with detail while being stylized. Clark’s world felt alive, like a beating heart, while I felt I was watching a cartoon with The Flying She Devils.


  I loved this! Absolutely loved this. I need action figures and Pops! and posters for the Flying She Devils and The Sparrow. I’m excited for more and I like this being a sci-fi anthology.


  Can’t wait for the next issue!

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