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Quantum Teens Are Go Issue #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


Feb 22 2017

Quantum Teens Are Go #1 Cover

  Quantum Teens is the next series from the shining new voice in comics that is Magdalene Visaggio.


  Visaggio previously wrote Kim & Kim, the quirky bounty hunter, road trip, series that was also published by indie publisher, Black Mask Studios.


  Visaggio is one of the rising stars and the future of the comic world. Visaggo has shown remarkable talent as new writer who is able to effortlessly stitch quippy dialogue, interesting characters and strewn them into outlandish fun settings that mix genres and old ideas into a beautiful Frankenstein’s Monster.


  Quantum Teens continue her tradition, of immediately catapulting readers into a world that feels complex and layered from the first action beat.


  The series introduces us to characters, Sumesh and Natalie, who are junk diving for parts and mixing it up with gangs on a quest to find parts for a time machine.


  As a straight white male myself, I find it not only refreshing but sorely needed  that the two teens Visaggio presents us with, one an East Indian male and the other, a Trans female, both whose ethnicity and sexuality are nonchalantly stated as facts  no more then Green Arrow’s alter ego, Oliver Queen is presented with a blond goatee. This is why voices such as Visaggio (a Trans woman herself) are a pleasant melody in the sea of your standard white, male creator teams that have previously been the chorus. New perspectives give us more diversity and from that bleeds exciting new characters and worlds previously untouched.


  Visaggio’s dialogue gleefully jumps off the page infusing the characters of Sumesh and Natalie with a warmth, heart and relatability of your average 2017 teenager.


  Her story of relationship drama, street gangs, sandwiched onto a stock high school setting feels refreshing, new and intriguing. Visaggio’s prose and dialogue make it exciting to jump from page to page and eagerly beckons you with the tease for the next issue.


  The art by Eryk Donovan (who co-created the series with Vissagio) is a blend of gooey stylism with a stark color core of a near future wasteland. that are visually appetizing.


  While more diversity is thankfully trickling in the ocean of comic created content, Visaggio is a shining new star that is hopefully paving the way for more Trans writer voices that will give us more Trans superheroes, romance and every other genre that has permeated the landscape that will make the future of comics, more diverse, nuanced and give us exciting characters, worlds and stories for us to lavish for decades to come.


  If you are a lover of comics, you owe it to yourself to dive into Visaggio’s worlds of Quantum Teens Are Go and Kim & Kim and tell your friends.

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