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Prospects #1 Cover

Prospects # 1 Review



By Ezekiel McAdams


July 12 2016





















   The first issue of Maxwell Majernik’s Prospects, is an interesting detour. The story alternates between two characters, slacker Colin and teenager Andrew “Drew” Russell, in the sleepy town of Ridgeville. At first, the story takes a very comforting tone, a slice of life approach about two characters, suddenly, at the half way point, the reality shifts, presenting an underbelly, a war between Grabowski’s zombies and Farsimov’s cyborgs, with the townsfolk of Ridgeville in the middle.


   This could be considered a twist. if the clues weren’t subtly hidden all along. There is a newspaper with the caption “General Grabowski” a church sign with “Farsimov saves”  as well as Colin’s grandma whom he lives with, bluntly telling him “Why can’t you be more like your parents? They were abducted.”

   It is unclear if Majernik has named Grabowski or Farsimov off anyone in particular. There was both a Polish general Jan Jerzy Grabowsk  as well as German Political scientist, Adolf Grabowski. that popped up on Google.


   Prospects was started as a kickstarter by Majernik, The first issue is 24 pgs and Majernik clearly intends this to be a slow burn as the story and character development are minor. So, most likely, world building and characters will be expanded upon in further issues.


   The characters of both Colin and Drew are relatable. Both want others to leave them alone and to shirk away from responsibilities that the reader realizes are much graver then initially presented without  the later context. Both Colin and Drew will most likely be thrust in to something neither of them expected or want. It will be interesting in further issues as Majernik develops them more.


   The art by Jean Franco is very stylized by but fitting in the world that Majernik wants to create, real people and their problems against an absurdist and surreal undercurrent.  


   Prospects #1 was very interesting, Majernik has laid the groundwork for an interesting, world and characters, the characters are real and charming,  the story ominous and compelling yet surreal and absurd and great stylized art by Franco. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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