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Music by Don Dedney

Written by Melinda Snodgrass and directed by Heleine Head.

Captain Nathan Bridger fondly goes through a photo album and looks at photos of his deceased wife. Missing is wife, he turns on the hologram projector wanting to share a story with his wife’s hologram. “It’s a love story, maybe I’ve been a sea too long” he muses

There’s a flashback to Bridger in bed reading a book, wind howling when the hologram projector starts repeating strange string of words sounding like coordinates. Come around to Zero Nine Zero, take her up to two hundred feet and proceed at thirty knots.

He sees a hologram telling him to proceed at thirty knots and zero nine zero take her two hndred feet and proceed at thirty knots, Bridger wakes up Lucas and requests his help with the hologram maintenance. Bridger looks at a map searching for possible coordinates when a ghostly hand reaches towards him “help us” it cries

  Lucas scoffs as he easily deduces that the repeat key is locked, Bridger sees an image of a woman in the holographic protector then a man appears and pushes him down growling “Get away!”

Bridger is get examined by the doctor she jokes “You were either hit by a German sportscar or hit by a professional werestler” she smirks. The sexual tension between the two of them is subtly played.

Bridger gets examined by Dr, Joshua Levin.

O’Neal alerts Bridger that he is hearing music and Ortiz hears it as well on sonar.

They discover a sunken ship on the coordinates Bridger provided. Bridger request a probe is sent.

Crocker tells them it is the George. Sunk in 1913 by South Hampton.  Crocker explains all 900 people survived except for the captain and the engineer. The crew were recovered by the Canary Islands.

Bridger insists that a woman must have been on the crew manifest,

During a crew meeting Blank discovers archival footage of the captain and his wife whom Bridger recognizes as the female apparition.

Bridger and the Doctor are shocked when the images on the footage turn their heads and glare directly back at them.

Stacy Haiduk uses VR equipment to survey and possible damage to the sunken ship.

George is sunk for 105 years and Crocker believes it is haunted

While going to fetch Lucas, Lucas mocks Bridger’s recent experiences

Dr. Levin suggests that Lucas presecsence as a child might mitigate any possible paranormal encounters.

The SeaQuest docks with the George and Bridger, Lucas, Dr. Levin, the Doctor, Crocker , Stacy Haiduk

Bridger checks the air quality and determins it is breathable.

The Doctor discovers that Ostmothic membraines may be responcible for the breathable air.

The superstitious Cocker fears danger uttering “Shiver me timbers”

Dr Levin is used as as exposition to explain the possible explanation for the haunting.

The Doctor is worried about narcsosis setting in.

Commander Stacy alerts the crew that a room was sealed with candle wax and three skeletons remain sealed inside

The Doctor Kristin is pulled into one of the empty quarters, they try to open the door handle but pull back due to the freezing tempertature

The ghost of the Captain emerges from a painting and demands they get off the ship.

There’s a book in the quarter with the words “I Hate him”

The captain’s ghost explodes and blasts the door from its frame at the remaining crew outside.

Crocker is sprinkling salt and tells Lucas “It keeps the devil from the door”

Doctor Kristen now under a trace keeps repeating the words found in the book “I hate him”

Lucas finds the diary and discovers the entry that had the words “I hate him” dated 1914 a year after the ship sank.

Lillian Straithare


The doctor warns them of the possible side effects of the hundred year old air

Commander Stacy discovers that in the Enginerring section Level 2 the George was delibratly sabatoged and must have taken days to sink.

Dr. Kristin now posssed as put on a dress and requests to go to the ballroom.

Bridger runs into the Captain’s ghost who demands he get off his ship

Bridger has an intuiation and cdecides to go to a door Commander Stacy previously thought was locked,

Commander Katie Stacy finds an enigenner’s insignia, Bridger discovers the engineers remains and remains, it looks like Lillian and Robert the engineer were in love. Bridger asks Crocker to read the diary which prompts the possessed Kristin to go to the captain’s quarters, the door to which is bleeding.

When Crocker and Bridger try the door  a flame erupts on the door handle.

Believing Lucas to be the key, they instruckt him to open the door, a flame traps Lucas inside ansd shuts the door.

Lucas immune to the paranormal phenoma resulting in engulging flames retrieves the logbook while the captain’s ghost instructs him to go to the ballroom.

“I dint know there were stoways” the captain says

The captain tells Lucas that his guilt as well as Lillian’s keeps their spirits trapped there while Robert free from guilt was able to pass on to the other side.

The Captain appears in the ballroom where Lillian’s remains are and apologizes to her and asks to be forgiven. She forgives him and a beam of light appears with the spirit of Robert where Lillian and the Captain join and depart.

Kristen now released from the trance remains the crew to breathe the supplied air.

The flashback ends as we return to the present as Bridger finishes the story

Captain admitted he flooded the George to discredit Robert so Lillian would think himn a fraud and for Lord Deegan to suffer for making them preside over their wedding. He meant the ship to sink alone and feels remorse for his axctions his last entry details his intention to go to the engine room, revealing him to be the skeleton the crew found earlier.

Captain Phineas Wideman, Lillian Stathhairen Robert Fitzgerald and stoways from Lisbon

Bridger says “Goodnight sweetheart and shuts off the hologram emitter.

A ghostly laugh echoes from the sunken George.

This makes little sense as the Captain’s spirit was free and had made peace with his guilt. It was mostly tacked


Captain Wideman

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