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This episode is written by Josef Anderson and directed by series star Jerry O’Connel.

The episode starts with thunderstorm amidst a castle type locale, a man (Tommy Chong) goes to a concert at the Mayan and gets in using press credentials

Members of the band, Stoker are reading a recent music review and one of the members announces he’s go to kill hear him after hearing the harsh criticism of his drumming. One member responds “You think after all these centuries, you could take some criticism.”

We cut to band members who openly announce to the audience they’re vampires, so we have a pretty good idea where this episode is going,

While searching for Col Rickman, the Sliders land on a world where vampires are real.

Wade attends a concert when one of the bad members feeds on a woman, Mina thinking she’s there for an audition.

The next morning a sleep deprived Wade is berated by Maggie for being more gungo for finding Rickman and getting back home.

Rickmam, disguised as a priest, is going to patient and extractring brain tissue to keep himself alive.

One of the band members traps a music critic, Eddie that irked him earlier in a car with the dead body of the woman from the audition. Somehow he makes the car move on his own with his drumsticks and it careens into a brick wall in an alley and explodes

Rembrand tells Quinn that a doctor told him there’s been three missing people since Rickman’s arrival.

Maggie convinces Quinn and Rembrandt to dig up a grave she believes belongs to Rickman, she’s hoping that the timer is buried with the body. Maggie has been searching the morgues as on their world, each member of the military was given special tattoos that are revealed after their death,

One of the members of Stoker vists a woman and drops of Stoker tickets in return for her blood donation

Rickman visits the clinic and asks a staff member if he has located more donors with the dna signature that he requires. The employee balks until Rickman pays him more,

Wade shows up at the Mayan and starts playing the piano and singing on the empty stage.

Wade starts singing and playing on the piano in the club.

The band leader, Morgan is watching Wade and surprises her tells her they are looking for another singer for the band, when Wade turns them down saying she’s currently traveling, he insists and asks her to meet the other members.

The leader tells Wade they are all classically trained and gives her a drink of an orange liquid. Harker admonishes REnfield for not refilling their supplies and the leader tells him you shouldn’t be drinking so much.

While digging the grave they discover it is not Rickman but he left a flight pin that Maggie believes was intentional. Quinn leaves for skid row telling the two that they should refill it since he dug it up.

While refilling the grave, they are arrested by police.

Quinn goes back to the clinic inquires to the doctor how the clinic functions and what he does there, he notices a Stoker concert flyer on the wall.

Quinn rushes to the concert and runs into Wade and the lead singer and drummer whom Wade introduces as Morgan and Harker. Wade tells Quinn she’s never had so much as they rush to a party. Quinn tries to stop her, when asked by Morgan if he wants to join, Quinn turns him down.

Quinn continues to chase after Wade as her and the band members get into a limo, he is grabbed by Harker by the throat and thrown to the ground much to Quinn’s astonishment.

Quinn is introduced to Van Elsinger, the man from the beginning. He is a vampire hunter. He tells Quinn they have been around for centuries, always musicians but changing their name ad genres to fit the period. He plays  Quinn a tape of them from the 50s when they were called the Goodtones. He says theres pictures of them going back to the Civil War.

Van Eslinger has no reference for Dracula but mentions Nixon was a bloodsucker

For Van ESlinger this is a personal vendetta as they killed his wife, Charlotte, he urges Quinn to help him kill them al before they turn Wade into a vampire.

Wade and Morgan are getting intimate in a car, she is entranched by his charms but rebuffs him saying she needs to Slide much to Morgan’s surprise.

Van Eslinger reminces with Quinn how he met his wife at a Janis Joplin concert when a vampire security guard rips open the car door and grans Van ESlinger. Quinn is able to surprise the guard and stake him from behind.

Morgan mentions to Renfieldt that he is aware of the Sliders and this would be a chance for them to escape to another world and stop being constantly hunted.


Van ESlinger and Quinn go to the abandoned musueum and start opening up coffins staking any vampire they can find. He’s hoping he can find his wife and set her free. He mentions something about at the moment a persons turns their soul is trapped in their vampiric form and the only way to release the soul is to stake them or decapitate them.

While killing the vampire nest, Quinn quips “so happy to disturb you” as he stakes one of them.

Van Eslinger finds his wife and stakes her only to have his back broken by one of the other vampires. Quinn quickly dispatches him and Van ESlinger urges Quinn to leave as a a cadre of vampires swarm around him.

Morgan awakens from his coffin slumber and immediedetly Wade feels that he needs her.

Wade now under a spell goes with Renfield to the Sliders hotel to retieve the timer.

Renfield goes to the hotel and gives them an ultimatium, the timer for Wade.

Rickman is at the clinic when Maggie who is on a stakeout notices him, she surprises her and Renfield gets caught in the creossfire while there to pick up the last remaining blood shipmemnt and dies.

Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie go to the club and Harker showers them with a powered guitar blast? Maggie stakes him from behind.

Morgan drives by on his cycle with Wade on the back and sideswipes Quinn,

Quinn stake Morgan and the spell cast over Wade is now dissolved.

Wade tells Quinn that being with the band on stage made her feel she wasn’t alone/

Odd how Wade has never sang before or mentioned it. Impressive display of how talented Sabrina Llyod though.

One of the vampires is named Harker?

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