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The Pirate Islands episode “Haunted Isle is written by Stephen Davis and Kier Shorey. The episode is directed by Richard Jasek.

The three siblings, Kate finds, her sister Sara and their brother Nicholas are in the Treehouse hideout on Main island trying to get the computer scanner to work to send them home. Nicholas believes that leaving the batteries to the scanner in sunlight will recharge them enough to get the scanner working and send them home.

Kate believes the batteries aren’t strong enough and goes looking for her cd player or alarm clock at Castaway Village. She runs into Mars and Perry and struggles to explain and articulate technology to both of them.

Mars offers to help Kate searching for her “light stick” and runs into Carmen.

Perry is rooting through storage and discovers the cd player that delights him when he pushes the play button and hears music much to him and Carmen’s astonishment and amazement,

Carmen thinks the item will help them as a trade offer, Perry runs away and into Mars

Sarah starts crying revealing that they lost their mother due to unstated death and worries about never seeing their father or her friends again.

Mars joins the three siblings in their search for Perry and runs into three of the pirates, Darcy, Five Spice and Cutthroat Bill.

Kate overhears the music and discovers Perry’s hiding spot. Kate tries to reason with him to no avail.

Perry hidea and Kate and Sarah discover a new icon that leads to a new island.

Kate jumps through the icon and sees a beached shipwreck on Haunted Isle. Bill runs through  the icon scaring Kate into entering the ship.

Bill runs back and reveals to Darcy and Five Spice that the island is Haunted Island, a haunted place that the pirates avoid.

Kate walks through the ship and hears disembodied wails coming from within the ship.

She encounters a voice and a ghost appears to her.

On Blackheart’s ship, Darcy explains to Captain Blackheart and Dougoul and tells them it leads to Haunted Island. Blackheart believing this is the siblings hiding spot demands the crew set sail to the island.

Nicholas and Mars continue to search for Perry who is hiding from everyone.

“Lies. Foul lies. Nobody has come here since my life was stolen from me”

The ghost reveals to Kate that it was Blackheart who killed him in an act of mutiny to take the treasure of the Golden Idol for himself. Blackheart strangled him in the cave.

It is unknown if it was called Haunted Island before his death.

Blackheart hears the unearthly screams and insists that Cuttroat Jack lead them into the ship.

Quaid reveals to Kate that the map is useless without his log book.

“You really taught him a lesson” Kate says to assure him

“And know you’ll learn yours” Quaid meancibly says to Kate

Distracted by Blackheart’s voice the ghost lets down his guard and confront the pirates.

Blackheart reveals the ghosts name as Quade

“You think you can scare a dead man” Quaid says to Blackheart

“You shall know eternal pain” Quade says to Kate

In deperation she grabs the logbook and runs away into Mars who was going to save her

Stanton gives a mdemorable a chilling performance as Quade. His chemistry with Colin Moody is palpable.

The worldbuilding that sets up the fact that there are other islands besides Main Island and Castaway Island as well as he history between Blackheart and Quade.

Now with everything in Pirate Islands, there’s several lawyers because Kate’s dad programmed the game, did he name it Haunted Isle without thinking of it before Blackheart killed Quade

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