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Ghostbusters 101 #2 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


May 3 2017

Ghostbusters 101 #2 Cover

  The second issue of Ghostbusters 101 continues to fire on all cylinders.


  Burnham’s knack for dialogue, plot and character development continue to impress. In this issue, the ATC Ghostbusters have more prominence and Burnham is able to drill into their core characteristics from the ATC movie while simultaneously developing them more.


  All four Ghostbusters plus receptionist, Kevin feel more realized  and the humor feel more organic, now coming from the characters and the situations rather then joke for joke.


  Now on to the other Ghostbusters, while last issue was my first foray into IDW Ghostbusters, I don’t feel overwhelmed by new characters or exposition. Honestly the first two issues so far remind me of an episode of Real Ghostbusters.


  My only complaint with the plot is that’s a slow burn. This might be a better read for more people if they pick up the graphic novel or trade.


  The art and coloring by Schoening is gorgeous. The differentiation between the two universes are so distinct and visually striking like brain candy.  For example, the ATC universe is so vibrant and bright, the world pops like an infusion of colors, whereas the prime universe is more realistic with the color palette being more muted.


  I can’t recommend this series enough. The characters are fantastic, the story is clever as parallel universe stories go and it’s just fun. 

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