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America (2017) # 2 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


April 5 2017

America #2 Cover

  How can America Chavez get EVEN BETTER? Read Issue #2!


  Rivera has made America Chavez so real, that I can almost hear her speaking to me on every page. Every punch, phrase or annoyance is perfectly telegraphed in Rivera’s prose.


  Rivera not only makes this issue fun, she drizzles heart and action and EVEN a cameo from another Marvel character. I can only imagine with every issue, that the world building will grow, America, will become more developed and nuanced. And yes, there will be a lot of punching!


  The art by Quinones is dazzling with every detail. I love how the color palettes matches the tone being bright when it needs to but also muted and restrained at times.  From every punch to quiet moments between America and her friends, Quinones gives us a detailed world and characters who feel like you can reach in and touch them at times.


  I think if we’ve had any fear of what could go wrong with this series, it can be put away, if this series is anything like these first two issues, we’re in very good hands for many years to come.

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