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America (2017) #1 Review


By Ezekiel McAdams


March 1 2017

America (2017) #1 Cover

 Well, the day has finally come. America Chavez finally gets her own series!

  I first was introduced to America Chavez in the pages of A-Force #1 casually punching a shark and being a bad ass. As you do.

  Instantly I was encapsulated with her. A fiery jokester who just wants to punch things and chill on the down-low. America Chavez is your average, super strong, dimension hopping lady. Oh, did I also mention that she’s a queer Latina who has donned the mantle of Ms. America?  

  No biggie or anything.


  So it comes with great delight and anticipation that YA novelist, Gabby Rivera would be spearheading this series.


  Marvel has done a great job by recruiting voices like Ta- Nehisi Coates (Black Panther) and now YA author,  Rivera to shepherd their ips.

In her comic debut, Rivera, brings a sense of fun juxtaposed with a complex character that slowly wades into the pool, rather then diving in.


  This is not a hindrance but merely someone just getting her feet wet.


  As a set up issue, America #1, dazzles us with sparkling prose and exposition that is nestled in rather then being glaringly obvious and a fallback mechanism, other writers have utilized.

America Chavez feels real, she feels complex and also makes us wonder why it took so long for Marvel to show more of her.


  In the ever expanding universe that now balances both the comics and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, America Chavez is a shining lighthouse in an ocean of war worn heroes that usually need a fresh coat of paint to appear more fresh and current.


  Rivera ends the issue teasing us with what’s to come, like a newly opened chain store that is finally coming to town.


  The art by Joe Quinones is vibrant without being flashy. The detail while stylized feels real and grounded.


  Rivera has a lot of work to do but if this issue’s any indication of the future of America Chavez, she’s gladly up for the challenge!

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